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Rexnord-Shafer Bearings




The modern age of commercial air travel began with the successful introduction of the DC-3. Known for it's durability and reliability, the DC-3 had Rexnord's Shafer bearings on board. And, as that aircraft established itself in the aviation industry, so did Rexnord.

Today, Rexnord aerospace products are used extensively on the world's most technically sophisticated aircraft from Stealth bombers and fighters to the newest commercial airplanes and even on the space shuttles. With more then 50 years of aerospace experience, Rexnord has been involved with virtually every major commercial and military airframe design effort during that time.

Cartriseal Mechanical Seals

Since 1946 Cartiseal has been leading the way with aerospace sealing solutions. Cartiseal proves sealing solutions for turbine engines, APU, starters, gear boxes, and others.

Shafer Bearings

Shafer has been an leader in aerospace roller bearing since 1938. Shafer roller bearings are particularly suited for flight control systems, landing gear and door systems.

Shafer Tooling

Shafer has been specialized tooling for roller bearing since 1968. Shafer tools are a crucial part of proper bearing maintenance and installation.

PSI Aerospace Bearing

Started in 1979, PSI has been leading the industry slotted-entry bearings. These bearings are used in turbine engines mounts and as pivot points within landing gear, engine controls and thrust reversers.

Tuflite Composite Bearings

Tuflite has been creating composite bearings since 1969. Tuflite composite bearings offer performance capabilities similar to their metal backer counterparts but with lighter weight and more predictable wear life.

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